Cindy is as good as it gets when it comes to spray tans. She tanned me with the new “skinny tan” and it was AMAZING! I lost over 7 inches overall and the color was beautiful. The body sculpting she did on me was great, I looked so toned and slimmed down in addition to actually losing the inches. I could not be happier with my result. Thank you, Cindy for such an awesome experience!   …Monique N.  


For a first time “tanner”, I had a great experience!!! Never thought I’d see myself with an even tan!!!! Can’t wait to go back for my next round!!!! I’ll be summer ready before the summer even gets here!!! I luv it!   …Monica S.  


The over all tan was great, came out in an even layer and the color was the one I was looking for. I feel people who enjoy an airbrush tan should definitely give this one a shot, even if you’ve never had one before and are looking for a great place for your first tan – this place is the one!   …F.S.

Cindy came over to my house for a tan party and she is awesome! Totally fun and professional and really great at what she does!  This is the best looking spray tan I’ve ever had.  The color is deep, dark and natural looking, there are no orange tones.  I highly recommend her!   …Beth Y